Dominoes – A Newbie Gets Destroyed By A Plumber


Two games that I was able to play the other day were dominoes and Monopoly and I have to say, monopoly was still more fun, even though I have played it a thousand times. It was my first go at dominoes however. A friend of mine who owns Plumbers Antioch likes to play dominoes with his co-workers on the weekends. So he was all amped up to destroy a newbie, which he totally did! Let me just go over the rules real quick below )as I can remember them).

Rules to dominos: You must have at least two players and a maximum of four. Start the game by shuffling all of the dominoes around and make sure they are face down. Each player then pulls a domino out of the pile. The player with the highest domino goes first.

Each players then gets seven dominos to start with the rest of the dominos remaining face down. The beginning player lays down his domino face up followed by other players. Each domino must be touching at the ends and the key here is that the dominoes must be matching. Once the number of dots on the ends total any multiple of five, that player gets awarded the number of points. If a double is used, it is placed sideways and any player can use either end of the double domino.

When one player plays all of their dominoes, the sum of all the other players spots are added to the player who “dominoed”.

We got through about four games before I started playing the only dominoes I knew how to play by carefully lining the dominoes up on their side and watching them fall in line single file. I would say that is still my game of choice when playing dominoes.

As stated before we played dominoes as well as monopoly. I am proud to say that I triumphed in monopoly that day!

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